( ´ ▽ ` )/ Hai こんにちは

My name is Yuriko Uchida (内田百合子)

or you can call me YURIKO or YURI. Thank you for landing to this page!

I'm growing up in Indonesia and now living in Japan. How can believe, only simple dreaming want to visit in Japan but now I life in Japan for my entire life. So with my experience here I share on my digital platforms. is part of Yuriko Monogatari Platforms with Indonesia and English content blog. 

A few years ago I left my career as a TV broadcaster and digital production manager. Now I'm returned to my passion as a digital creator on my social media platforms (SNS) such us Instagram, Blog and YouTube Chanel with name Yuriko Monogatari or The Story of Yuriko.

yurikomonogatari,, Indonesian in Japan

My academic background is Management Broadcasting Production of News (Journalistic). So digital world is my ichiban skill that I haved and with my platforms can find my opportunities include now we can connected here. Also this activities full fill my day being a housewife to more contains.

I'm being an official Brand Ambassador from Japan Beauty Industry since 2018 until now. So I make passion on beauty contents on here and especially on my Instagram.

I hope from this introduction you can know me more closely and keep in touch on my social media 


\(^▽^)/ XOXO


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  1. It was great to know you in person Yuriko. I love your contents.



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