A sleek Japanese aesthetic packaging infused with Japanese Tsubaki oil extracted from hand-picked precious camellia, experience the luxurious texture.⁣
The amplified lacquer is glossy with lightweight and strong color intensity;

And for the amplified matte, it’s a velvety texture with smooth, intense covers up your wrinkled lips in one swipe. ⁣
For both lipsticks, you don’t feel dehydrated; your lips are moisturized and comfortable, and you can still enjoy intense color. So it's really suited for the cold season!⁣
At this year I created 2 Halloween look for giving appreciate this new collectons, check my Instagram reels here.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

@mieumieu_by_hoyu のキャンペーンに当選して⁣


⁣ 外出先のとっさのアホ毛対策にも使えて、香りもほんのりと香るので使いやすいです🥰🥰🌸🌸在宅時間に自分の癒しのために、手首に好きな香りを塗っています✋🏻

This stick hair balm makes it easy to arrange your bangs and hair to keep a long time sleek without any frizzy baby hair. It has many variants of good fragrances that pick your mood. 

The packaging has a cute colors design stick shape so its easy to bring anywhere♡

⁣ Also this stick balm is multifunction for hair and body fragrance. I like used it at my wrist✋🏻🥰🌸

01 Amour - Parfum⁣

Top: orange casis⁣

Middle: rose jasmine violet green-note⁣

Base: musk amber patchouli⁣

02 Lune - Parfum⁣

Top: coconut⁣

Middle: jasmine, muget, green-note⁣

Base: musk, amber, patchouli, vanilla⁣

03 Minette - Parfum⁣

Top: orange, peach, lemon, tangerine, raspberry⁣

Middle: rose jasmine violet green-note⁣

Base: musk amber patchouli⁣

04 Plume - Parfum⁣

Top: orange⁣

Middle: jasmine, rose, violet green-note⁣

Base: musk, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, vanilla⁣

(NEW) 05 Sirene - Parfum⁣

Top: grapefruit, apple⁣

Middle: rose, jasmine, violet green-note⁣

Base: musk, vanilla, amber⁣


Try it !✨^・·̫・̥ฅ♡


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