ORGANIC JOSEFIN : Organic Multi-Purpose Oil

Osaka, Japan

Autumn season is time for take care hair and skin. Skin easy to drying also hair easy to dull. I will introduce you one new product released from Organic Josefin this is multipurposed oil with natural ingredients.

About the Product

01 Moisturizing skin and non-additive

This product is contains special formula without additives and moisturizing your skin. It can be used for awhole family, from children to adults and any skin type also.

🌿8 types of additive-free :

  • paraben-free 
  • phenoxyethanol-free
  • mineral oil-free 
  • synthetic pigment-free 
  • alcohol-free
  • silicon-free 
  • ultraviolet absorber-free 
  • synthetic color-free
02 Unique combination organic formula that combines moisturizing ingredients

Contains 6 types of certified organic ingredients and 4 types of plant-derived oils. This ingredients make gentle on the skin and shine on hair. 

The 10 organic oil  such us :
🍃 Argan oil
🍃Olive oil
🍃 Passion fruit oil
🍃 Avocado oil
🍃Rice extract
🍃Marula oil
🍃Jojoba seed oil
🍃Coconut oil
🍃Camellia seed oil
🍃Meadowfoam oil

03 Multi purposed Oil

This is a  multipurposed-oil that is gentle on the skin and can be used on hair and body. With 150ml packaging that can be used for daily used or traveling friendly.  This product also can used for ladies and men ( unisex ). So we no need to bring our each oil when go traveling.

04 Good Fragrance

I've used savon fragrance, the smell is so refresh like when you used the shampoo from Organic Josefin. This smell also unisex fragrance so my husband also like this refresh fragrance.

They have 2 series which are green teas and savon. You can choose from the elegant scent of green tea or the refreshing scent of savon.

05 The Packaging is easy to use

With pumpking packaging it's easy to use and can adjust how much amount you need for your skin or hair. I recomended especially for you who first time use oil treatment.

So is it worth to purchased ?

Of course this oil is worth to buy! The reason is the texture of this oil is so light, not sticky and have good fragrance. When I applied to use it also my hair look more shiny and my skin feel so moisturizing. This oil can't skip to use when winter season come. 

Amount : 150ml
Price : 2,970 JPY

Where to buy :

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